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Consumers in North-America and Western Europe have grown accustomed to high quality and readily available data connectivity. With high definition digital television and high speed internet connectivity pushing the boundaries of content being produced, vast and emerging markets not yet equipped for high-end connectivity are systematically ignored.

What We Do

Won2bet offers a total package of gaming and gaming related content for both high-end and low-end multimedia devices with and without internet connectivity with the emphasis on extended and expanded support for low end devices such as feature phones and low-end connectivity such as SMS and USSD.

What is Different

Markets such as Africa and South-America were traditionally deprived of much of the new and sophisticated content features due to their low end connectivity and their specific monetary mechanisms. Capable of dealing with Mobile Money, airtime credit and prepaid cards, and transferring content over even the most basic of connections Won2bet delivers high-end interactive content to places and devices previously unreachable and previously unserviceable.

What is Unique

Combining a compression and encryption algorithm of its own design with sophiscticated content synchronization and management software, Won2bet can deliver information such as news, sports betting results and advertisement to remote locations without the need for internet connectivity. Renewable content combined with on the fly generated computer graphics and video playback enhances the customer's experience and even allows for interactivity.